Thursday, February 22, 2018

Not All Transgender People Have Dysphoria – And Here Are 6 Reasons Why That Matters

I've put some thought into this from time to time. We all have our own experience with how we identify. there are definitions and terms and such (I have a glossary of sorts somewhere on this blog), but the reality is, I am trans because I know who I am. Having negative feelings about my male body does not validate this... nor would the absence of those feelings invalidate it.

None of us are the same. The comment on this post below is 100% correct. This all extends to the fact that not all transgender people identify as being transsexual, or the other way around and none of this by extension invalidates anyone.

Anyway, great article! Give it a read:

Not All Transgender People Have Dysphoria – And Here Are 6 Reasons Why That Matters

Friday, February 2, 2018

How to Minimize Broad Shoulders

Let me start by saying that while this article is geared towards trans women, really this advice is good for any woman looking to minimize broad or masculine shoulders. As for us trans women, unfortunately many of us have gone through male puberty which leaves us with the typical masculine physical shape and well... no amount of HRT will fix that. The best we can do is adjust and learn to dress in ways to highlight what we have and hide what we don't... Just like every other person does.

So the basic idea in picking styles that work with our bodies is that we choose styles that flatter our shapes. Certain cuts or designs can make all the difference in the world. Luckily there are a number of options in regards to tops that work great for minimizing the appearance of broad shoulders! Here are a few (I am particularly fond of V-Necks BTW):

Necklines and Sleeve Types for Wide Shoulders

V-Necks & Scoop Necks - Both of these styles of necklines can help draw attention away from the shoulders but V-Necks do the best job. If you do choose a scoop neck, the lower the better. I really like t-shirts like the ones pictured to the right.

Cowl Neck - This style is hit or miss but can work very well. You might think that adding extra fabric might accentuate the bulk that is already there but in reality it can help draw focus either up towards the face, or if it is a looser more draped cowl neck, it can even give the same effect as the V-Neck.

Raglan and Dolman Sleeves - Tops with these style of sleeve may help soften the harsh angles created by broad shoulders. Raglan sleeves (right) are they type of sleeves you would find on your typical sports jersey style shirt. Dolman sleeves (left) are wider at the shoulder and taper down towards the wrist. I really like 3/4 length dolman sleeve shirts!

Wider Shoulder straps - If you are going to wear top with straps try to make sure they are not super thin as thin straps tend to highlight the shoulders and arms. Wider straps will soften your shoulder shape and is definitely better here.

Like everything else in clothing, dark colors minimize, light colors add bulk. I tend to gravitate towards darker or at least neutral colored tops. Also, vertical stripes may help elongate the torso but this is often not desirable as masculine bodies are typically longer than the typical feminine body most cissexual women have.

Things to stay away from

Lastly I just want to point out a few dont's. Generally you want to stay away from turtlenecks. They may help conceal adams apples but the can make you look VERY masculine. Also avoid large collars, boat neck shirts, tight and / or clingy fabrics, and horizontal stripes. All of these will only further highlights your shape. Lastly, padded or puffy shoulder tops are probably best left off your shopping list as well.

Hope these tips helped!


Risks Associated With Hormone Use (Testoserone)

Risks Associated With Hormone UseAs with any medication, taking testosterone comes with it's own set of risks and possible side effects. In my main post on hormone therapy I allude to the fact that HRT is very dangerous so I have compiled a list below of the risks associated with taking testosterone.

The goal of HRT in regards to trans men is to raise a person's testosterone levels to normal male levels. This is accomplished by administering testosterone. Routine blood testing is required to insure these levels stay correct.

In addition to hormone levels there are a number of other things that need to be monitored such as blood lipids and liver health. There may be other risk so please talk to your doctor about specifics. Your current health condition may play into this a great deal.

Specific Risks

Heart Problems and Stroke

Current research suggests that taking testosterone may increased one's risk of heart related problems including heart attack and heart failure. There may also me an increased risk of stroke.

Liver Damage

Long term high dose testosterone has been linked to liver damage. This can increase one's risk of liver cancer. Also, there is possibly an increased risk of breast cancer for trans men.

Mood changes and Increased Aggression

Testosterone may increase aggressive behavior is some people. It can also increase depression.

Hair Loss

Increased testosterone may trigger what is typically called "male pattern baldness". THis type of hair loss is generally irreversible.


Some people see this as a side effect, some see it as a benefit; either way HRT will make you infertile. If you want to have children in the future make sure you plan accordingly.

Insulin Sensitivity

This may increase ones risk of Type II diabetes in people who are predisposed to acquiring the disease.


I know that the risk of regretting transition is very low but it can and does happen. This is the ultimate decision really in the steps leading up yo your transition... Do the risks of what you will need to do out way the benefits of doing them? Are you really comfortable with the permanent effects of testosterone therapy?

While it is easy to make a snap decision on these questions, they really are not things you should rush to find an answers to! Take your time, talk to your doctor and your therapist, and enter into this process with both eyes wide open!